2023 Episcopal Address

Following the required business of organizing the 2023 Central Texas Annual Conference, Bishop Ruben Saenz Jr. opened the conference by delivering a powerful and hope-filled Episcopal Address. In his address, Bishop Saenz acknowledged the challenges faced by the people and churches of the conference during the past few years - primarily the COVID 19 pandemic and Disaffiliation - but then he reminded all to "Be Strong! Take Heart! Hope in the Lord!" and declared that the time is now to move forward in our ministry and to focus on laying the foundations for the church of 2050 and beyond.
To view the 2023 Episcopal Address, click on the player below and/or go to the CTC Vimeo page to download. A PDF version of the written address is also available below.

To read and/or download a transcript of the 2023 Episcopal Address by Bishop Saenz, please click on the image below.