The 2022 Central Texas Conference Laity Session will be convened online via Zoom. You will receive your Zoom access link shortly after completing and submitting the short registration form.

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The 2022 Central Texas Conference Laity Session is open to ALL CENTRAL TEXAS CONFERENCE LAITY. All laity across the conference are welcome and encouraged to participate in the meeting. You do not have to be an official Lay Member to AC22 to attend.
The focus of the Laity Session, and the entire Annual Conference for that matter, is "Reimagining Discipleship." Conference Lay Leader Darlene Alfred and our special guest speaker Mrs. Kim Simpson (see bio below) will lead the session and begin to energize and equip the CTC laity in looking for new, improved and even the time-tested ways of reaching out to our communities and making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Please register today and make your plans to join this important time together.

Meet Our Guest Speaker - Kim Simpson                  former Central Texas Conference Lay Leader (2012-16), Current Lead Delegate of the Central Texas Conference Delegation to General and Jurisdictional Conference, and Chair of the Commission on the General Conference (just to name a few)

Kim was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She graduated from Okla. City University in 1976 with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. She married Ken Simpson and moved to Ft. Worth, TX in 1977. The couple live in Arlington, Texas, have been members of St. Barnabas UMC since 1979 and have three children – daughter, Kerry (married, living in Houston & mother of Wyatt and Sloane), daughter, Melissa (married and living in Frisco & mother of twins, Jack and Harper), and son, Tanner living and working in Denver, CO.
Kim has been active in United Methodist churches all her life. Her grandfather was a Methodist pastor in Oklahoma. She was active in UMYF during her youth and in United Methodist Student Movement during college.  Kim has held many offices in her local UMW unit and has also served her local church in many areas and on almost every committee. Currently, she rings in the St. Barnabas bell choir. 
She also serves on myriad District and Conference committees and was the Conference Lay Leader from 2012-16.  She also serves the worldwide church as a member of the board of directors of Discipleship Ministries (formerly GBOD); and on the Commission on the General Conference.
Kim has served as a member of Annual Conference for many years and has also been a delegate to General and Jurisdictional Conferences. She is currently head of the Central Texas Conference General and Jurisdictional Conference delegation.
Kim is ½ Native American (1/4 Kiowa and ¼ Cherokee).  She serves as a school and community resource speaker for Native American studies. In her rare spare time, you’ll find Kim hanging out with her husband, Ken, (who is retired); volunteering in the community; playing tennis; and making the Conference Communications Team delicious sweet treats.