AC22 Ministry Partner Videos

Videos submitted by many of the CTC's Ministry Partners were shown during breaks of AC22. You may access those videos by clicking the player(s) below to view or the link(s) below to view/download. The videos appear in alphabetical order of the video titles.

Evangelism & Church Revitalization - Global Ministries & UMCOR (:38)
Glen Lake Camp AC22 (4:24) a;lkdjf;ladkjfl;adkjf;aldkjf;adlkja;

Global Health - UMC Global Ministries/UMCOR (:38)

Humanitarian Relief and Recovery – Global Ministries/UMCOR (:44)

Inclusivity - United Women of Faith [formally UMW] (1:36)

Juneteenth: Hope for the Future Wrapped in a History Lesson - UMCommunications (2:07)
Lydia Patterson Institute (1:54)

Global Methodist Missionaries - Global Ministries (:38)

One Matters Award - Discipleship Ministries (1:06)
Witnesses to the Ends of the Earth - Global Ministries (3:18)