The Central Texas Annual Conference will hold its 2021 Annual Conference meeting June 20-22, 2021. All Services & Business Sessions will be held at First Methodist Waco (Main Campus). Lay and clergy members of the 2021 Central Texas Annual Conference must register for the conference in order to actively participate in the meeting.

All AC21events – worship services, business meetings, clergy/laity/local pastor’s meetings, etc. – will be convened primarily online via Zoom webinar. The in-person seating reservations closed on May 30.

How do I access AC21 events online?
To access the June 21-22 business sessions with voice and vote, you will need to your personal Zoom link. Instructions on how to activate your personal zoom link will be provided after you have completed the registration for Annual Conference. If you don’t receive or misplace those instructions, please contact your District office.
Clergy and lay members to Annual Conference will also receive instructions on how to activate an additional Zoom link for the Sunday afternoon clergy (3 p.m.) and/or laity (5 p.m.) session on June 20 via the email address provided in your registration. If you do not receive the email to activate the Zoom link for the clergy or laity session by June 7, please contact your District Administrator (
Can I just share a link with other members of my church or family?
Each registered clergy and lay member to Annual Conference will have a unique link in order to actively participate (vote or speak). As such, each clergy and lay member must be on a separate device to actively participate in the meeting even if you are participating in the meeting from the same location.(i.e. one vote per device). We recommend using a computer (desktop or laptop) or a tablet. You may access the meeting on a mobile phone, but the voting application is more difficult to navigate on a phone. Please do not share your link as if it is used on another device, you will not be able to log into the meeting.
Do I have to register for the conference or a Zoom link if I just want to watch the proceedings and services?
No. You only need to register if you plan to actively participate (vote, request to be able to speak, etc.). The 2021 Central Texas Annual Conference meeting will be webcast live for those who just wish to view at
For more AC21 news and information please visit If you have any questions, please email