AC2014 Videos & Multimedia

Welcome to the download page for videos of the worship services, teaching sessions and more from AC2014 The videos from Annual Conference are being added as soon as they are edited, encoded and uploaded. For those interested in the PowerPoint presentations used used during the business meeting and teaching sessions, those are available at or by scrolling to the bottom of this page and clicking on the Presentations button.

To access videos: click on the image of video you wish to watch or download.  You will be taken the Vimeo page that houses the video. The video will play from the site. To download the video to your computer, click the download tab from the Vimeo page and follow the prompts. Please note that some of these files are rather large and downloading could take a couple of hours depending upon your download speed and bandwidth.


Powerpoint from AC2014 are available by clicking the Presentations button below.