Notice of Possible Rescheduling Due to COVID-19


Please save Aug. 9-11 as possible alternate meeting dates should the COVID-19 crisis mandate a postponement of the planned June 14-17 Annual Conference meeting.


As the local, state, federal and global response to the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve, we have worked diligently to keep pace. The pandemic has resulted in the closing of businesses, the suspension of in-person gatherings — including worship services — and the cancellation or rescheduling of events.
Both the 2020 United Methodist General Conference, scheduled for May 5-15, and the South Central Jurisdictional Conference, July 15-18, have been postponed. Given the progression of COVID-19 and the still uncertain timeline regarding civil mandates to control the spread of the disease, it is entirely conceivable that the 2020 meeting of the Central Texas Annual Conference (set for June 14-17) might need to be rescheduled.
Should circumstances, due to COVID-19, make it necessary to reschedule Annual Conference this year, Bishop Lowry and Conference leaders ask that you to hold August 9-11, 2020 as the possible new dates for our meeting of the Annual Conference. The location will still be White’s Chapel United Methodist Church. Conference leadership will continue to closely monitor the situation.  We hope to be able to decide on the date for Annual Conference sometime in May. If you booked your hotel through one of the CTC hotel blocks, we encourage you not to cancel hotel reservations until after a decision has been made. As of this time, we continue to plan for and work toward gathering together as planned in June.  Remember. Breath deep; Jesus is still Lord!
Please visit for updates on our continued response to COVID-19, as well as for any and all updates related to Annual Conference 2020. May the Lord give us grace in this time to be guided by faith and not driven by fear.