Retirement Videos

The following are the retirement videos presented to the 2019 Annual Conference during the Service of Recognition. You may view the videos by clicking on the image below, by clicking on the name of the retiree below their video or by clicking the name of the retiring clergy for whom you'd like to view their video via the right side navigation links.
To download a video, click on the person's name below each video to go to the CTC Vimeo page. Once on, select the video you wish to download, click on the Download button and follow the prompts.
Retirement Video from Dr. Starr Bowen
Retirement Video from Dr. Jim Conner
Retirement Video from Rev. Chuck Graff
Retirement Video from Rev. Rebecca Hull
Retirement Video from Rev. Al Munger

Retirement Video from Rev. Michael Redmond


Retirement Video from Rev. Jimmy Sansom