AC17 News & Info

Follow AC17 via live web stream! Anyone who cant be in Mansfield on June 11-14 but wishes to be a part of the worship, learning and business of Annual Conference can do so by opening their web browser and going to All of the worship services, teaching and business sessions of AC17 will be live streamed free of charge – no registration required. Just go to and view. Please note that the quality of the live stream will depend on the bandwidth availability of the viewer.

Meet the AC17 Conference Teacher. Dr. Kevin Watson of the Candler School of Theology will bring his experience and expertise in the field of Wesleyan and Methodist studies to the Central Texas Annual Conference as our guest teacher. To learn a little bit about Dr. Watson, visit

Update to the AC17 Agenda. Due to some important changes to the Monday (June 12) schedule, an updated AC17 agenda has been posted on the 2017 Annual Conference landing page of the conference website. The agenda included in the Preliminary Report does not reflect these updates. As such, please make sure to download and/or print the updated AC17 Agenda along with the Preliminary Report.
Two of the four AC17 Hotels are now Sold Out. While there are still rooms available, especially at the new Midlothian Conference Center Courtyard (less than 10 minutes from First Methodist Mansfield), space is starting to get limited for those who wish to book a room in the CTC AC17 hotel blocks. Visit for booking information as soon as possible.
AC17 Preliminary Report is available. Visit to access the 2017 Preliminary report of the Annual Conference. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in the document, it is likely that minor tweaks and changes will be made to the document, which could cause the page and/or line numbers to change. As such, it is recommended that you refrain from downloading, and especially from printing, any copies you plan to bring to AC17 until June 2.
Annual Conference 2017 registration is now open! All voting members of the 2017 CTC Annual Conference are requested to register for the June 11-14 meeting at First Methodist Mansfield as soon as possible. Voting members consist of clergy (active and retired) with full or limited voting rights and the lay members of the conference elected by their church’s charge conference, district conference or by virtue of their conference office. Visitors are welcome but do not need to register. There is no charge for attending, and childcare is available by request.
ATTENTION CLERGY: If you are unable to attend one or more days of the 2016 Central Texas Annual Conference meeting, you must complete and return the Request for Excused Absence Form to the Conference Secretary as soon as possible.
The UMW will be having their luncheon on Tuesday, June 13th at Walnut Creek Country Club during the lunch break. The cost for this is $20.00 and will be a sit down meal, which will include a salad, entrée, sides, dessert and beverage. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ONLINE. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Lynne Grandstaff at 214-738-7301.
Clergy Request for Excused Absence from AC17 Form. Any clergy who cannot attend Annual Conference 2017 - all or a portion of the conference - must complete a Request for Excused Absence form and submit it to the Conference Secretary as soon as possible. That form is available here.
Be Blessed at Annual Conference!  Volunteer to be a Teller! If you would like to be truly blessed this year at Annual Conference, consider volunteering to be a Teller. Tellers have the unique opportunity of serving the members of Annual Conference by distributing material, answering questions, counting votes, assisting with worship services during A/C sessions and much more. To volunteer, please contact your district office as soon as possible!