Discipleship Webinar Series with Alex Absalom

Alex & Hannah Absalom returned* to the Central Texas Conference via live webinars in October of 2022 for a series of Discipleship discussions and trainings. Click here to read a brief bio. Please view summaries and video replays of each webinar below. To download one or more of the videos, click on the title of the session to the left to go to the CTC Vimeo page.
*Both Alex and Hannah served as the Conference Teachers for the 2022 Central Texas Annual Conference in June. Replays of the Abasalom's AC22 Teaching sessions are available at ctcumc.org/ac22-worship-teaching-videos.

Topics & On-Demand Video Replays

Oct. 5 - The Five Contexts of Discipleship - Have you noticed that the size of a gathering tends to shape the type of discipleship that happens? In this webinar replay, Alex shares HOW to set the right discipleship goals for different sizes of gatherings and ministry contexts.

Oct. 12 - How to Prioritize Being a Disciple Over Being a Leader (with Hannah Absalom) - In the second of three webinars, Alex will be joined by his wife Hannah to delve into "How to Prioritize Being a Disciple over Being a Leader." Leadership in the church can be become all consuming - especially with all the political, societal and denominational turmoil of the past few years. Along the way, it can become easy to lose touch with our first love for Jesus. Alex and Hannah will share thoughts, practices and next steps on how to reset yourself as a disciple of Jesus above all else and encourage you to experience afresh the truth that God loves you for who you are rather than for what you do.

Here are the links shared by Alex and Hannah during their presentation...
Oct. 19 - Barriers to Embracing a Discipleship Culture - If you find that your dreams for your church or ministry are leaving you frustrated, this session of the webinar series is designed to help renew your spirit! We’ll identify some of the negatives and positives about our rapidly changing context post-pandemic, and propose five clear next steps that you can gradually implement to develop your discipleship culture. This will be an encouraging and practical session, which will resonate deeply and leave you feeling better equipped for ministry.
Access the handout Alex mentions in this session at ctcumc.org/absalom-barriers-handout