The mission of the Central Texas Conference (CTC) is to help people to love God, to Proclaim new and abundant life in Christ, Serve others, especially the Poor and Doing Important Work in Mercy & Justice. As the official communications vehicle of the CTC, our goal is to energize and equip local churches with the information, news and resources they need to effectively reach out to their communities and the world. We want to share the transformational stories of our conference laity, clergy and churches as they use their God given gifts to build the Kingdom of God. It is our hope that if you are new to the United Methodist Church or Christianity in general or even if you’d consider yourself a “lifer” in the service of Christ, that you’ll find the information you need and get to know us better along the way.

We have begun our second century as a conference after celebrating our centennial in June of 2010. We are very much a conference that believes in the inevitability of change, that it is God’s gift and that it is our task to manage change in efficient and creative ways. We are a conference that believes to our core that the approximately 185 churches throughout our five districts are “mission stations,” outposts for and instruments of the work of God in our world, and that mission at all levels of the church should be well defined, laser-focused and with outcomes that are easily measured.

We believe that the Conference, its local congregations and its people are called to be stewards of the United Methodist witness.

We are a conference on a journey of change and we are thankful that you have joined us – even if for just a moment. Please explore this site and learn more about our people, our diverse cultures, our clergy and lay leadership and all that makes up the Central Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church.