AACtion! Plan Overview

The Plan of AACtion!

AACtion! is the effort approved by the CTC Annual Conference to strengthen and grow the African American/Black churches and witness of the Conference. AACtion! refers both to the intentional action taken by the Conference to resource these churches and to the intentional action(s) the churches will take in their quest to carry out the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.
The AACtion! plan involves assessing the African American Churches across the CTC to determine which are ready and willing to grow and are prepared to execute a ministry/growth plan when provided with support and funding. Funds will be committed for three to five years (depending on the need). Churches receiving funding will undergo quarterly progress reviews and evaluations to ensure that the church is on track for growth

The AACtion! Team envisions the following outcomes from these investments within 3-5 years:
One church in each District that...

  • Worships 150-200 and above
  • Has paid staff to lead growth and the fulfilment of the mission (children, youth, discipleship, administration)
  • Develops Christ-centered leaders
  • Intentionally identifies, encourages, “recruits” persons to respond to God’s calling to ministry (Each church to identify at least one person to consider a calling into ministry)
  • Continually evaluates and adjusts its strategies for accomplishing the mission of the church

More prepared, effective, & fruitful pastoral leaders / Better trained and effective part-time pastors