Frequently Asked Questions

AACtion! FAQs

What is AACtion!?

AACtion! is an initiative of the CTC Cabinet.  The goal is to strengthen and grow the African American churches and witness of the Conference (our WIG). The Cabinet in consultation with CF&A has set aside $1 million to invest in and resource CTC African American churches for growth and  disciple-making ministry. AACtion! is entirely aligned with our Conference WIG.

What is AACtion! not?

It is not a magic formula or a guarantee of success.  It is a faith-filled effort of the Conference to accomplish our God-given mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Why is the Conference doing this now?

CTC African American churches have been experiencing decline for some years now.  The cabinet believes that the time is now to invest in and resource these churches.  This effort is also intended to be a step toward making amends for past injustices—both overt and systemic. It is hoped that this will be a step that will bring healing and build trust.  

How does AACtion! work?

Interested churches submit their proposals via an online form found at and indicate how they plan to grow and strengthen their churches.  There is a two-stage review process.  Churches whose proposals are approved through the second stage will receive funding.

Will each African American Church receive funding?

Not necessarily. Only churches whose proposals pass the second review will receive funding.

Which churches are eligible to participate?

Historically and predominantly African American churches may submit proposals for funding.

Will AACtion! help us accomplish the WIG?

We believe it will.  As churches grow and are strengthened through AACtion!, we fully expect that many persons will come to Christ and many others will grow in their day by day discipleship.

Where did the $1 million come from?

The CTC Council on Finance and Administration (CF&A) allocated the funding from Operating Reserves.  The Reserves have been built up over the years from Connectional Mission Giving by CTC churches and earnings on investments.

What is the criteria for receiving grant funding?

Criteria include:

  • Clarity of and commitment to the mission of the church:  making disciples of Jesus Christ
  • Demographic potential to support average worship attendance of 150-200
  • Pastor committed to stay for long term
  • Lay leadership fully engaged in the ministry of the church
  • Community connection/engagement
  • Long term sustainability
  • Effective financial accountability and systems

Is there a limit for proposal requests?

No limit has been set.  The expectation is that proposals will include plans for growth and disciple-making over a 3-5 year period and the funding needed to achieve that growth.

What is the time frame for making proposals?

We anticipate that churches can begin submitting proposals in late 2021 using the form found at

What is the approval process?

Proposals will go through an initial review, a detailed review of readiness, and a final review for Cabinet approval.  Proposals must be signed by the Pastor, Church/Leadership Council Chair, and District Superintendent.

Can proposals include requests for buildings and facilities?

Funds are not intended for debt reduction or major capital improvement.  Proposals for either will be taken on a case-by-case basis.

Please check back regularly as more FAQs will be added as needed.