The AACtion Backstory

How We Got Here

The predominantly African American churches of the Central Texas Conference have largely been in decline for several years. This decline has several sources, but reduced economic resources plays a key role. Conference leadership, both the Cabinet and others, have been studying how to address the decline and how to provide additional resources.

At the February meeting of the CTC Council on Finance & Administration (CF&A), the committee discussed a proposal brought forth by the Cabinet to allocate $1 million from Operating Reserves to a designated fund focused on growing and strengthening our African American churches. After discussion, CF&A voted to approve the creation of the designated fund and allocate the $1 million. The 2021 Annual Conference approved the fund during its June 20-22 meeting.

While this funding is most definitely intended to further the Conference mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world, there is an equally important purpose. AACtion! is also intended to be a step toward making amends for past injustices (including economic injustices) in the Conference – both overt and systemic. It is hoped that this will be a step that will bring healing and build trust.