AACtion! is a one million dollar initiative put forth by the CTC Cabinet that represents the Central Texas Conference's commitment to growing and strengthening our African American Churches. Not only is now the time to invest in, celebrate and more fully resource these vital faith communities, but also to help amend the overt and systemic injustices of the past and take significant steps toward healing and building trust with these churches and the communities they serve.

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The call of Christ to the church is a call to make disciples of ALL nations (ethnic groups). This is also the Conference's Wildly Important Goal. For generations, African American Churches have provided an important witness in the work of disciple-making - reaching many who likely would not have come to know the love of Jesus without this vital African American witness. The continued and increased accomplishment of our God-given mission to make disciples requires that the African American Churches of the Central Texas Conference be strong, vibrant and growing. As part of its AACtion! initiative, the Cental Texas Conference Cabinet, in consultation with the conference's Council on Finance & Administration, has set aside $1 million to invest in and resource CTC African American churches for growth and disciple-making ministry. Please click on the tabs below to learn more about the AACtion! initiative, access required Proposal/Application and Evaluation forms, download a promotional brochure and other resources and more.

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