8-Day Bible Land Discovery Trip

All-Inclusive 8-Day Tour travels Dec. 27 - Jan. 3

by Rev. Scott Youngblood

If you are like many Christians, you believe that a trip to the Holy Land will enhance your relationship with Christ.  However, many tours are too long, too expense and not at convenient times. Kathey and I are working with Kay Lancaster at FUMC Arlington to recruit passengers for a very special trip to the Land of Jesus.  It’s only eight days long, but still visits most of the destinations of much longer trips. The total cost for the trip is $2698, which includes airfare, hotels, breakfast and dinner buffets, deluxe tour bus and admission to Biblical sites (much less than longer trips). We leave Dec,27, 2016  and return on Jan. 3, which we hope will allow most people to work this time frame into their busy schedules..

Kathey and I have been privileged to facilitate more than 250 people's journeys to the Holy Land and feel this is an important ministry to which God has called us. We will come to your church to promote this trip. If you are clergy, call us for exciting information. If you are laity, call or email or Facebook message us for more information. Or visit our EO page here.

We put this trip together several months ago, but I had to put my plans on hold as I dealt with a health scare. Doctors felt that I had first multiple myeloma and then lymphoma. M. D. Anderson has declared, after many tests, that I don’t have cancer. Prayer and love do amazing things. I am back to work and excited again about traveling to the Land of Jesus. My life has been changed by six trips to the Holy Land. Kathey and I continue to visit the Holy Land because we have learned that people want to go but also want to travel with a company and tour hosts then know and trust.

We would be honored for many of our friends (and new friends) to join us. Educational Opportunities offers standard 10-day Holy Land Trips for $3100 to $3600. Our trip is a very special offer that EO put together for us for an all-inclusive price of $2698.  Contact us at 817-980-1661 or yngbld0223@yahoo.com or send us a Facebook message.


For more info on the trip, visit Scott & Kathey's EO Trip page or click here to download the brochure.