United Methodist Bishops of Texas Call for Swift, Non-Partisan Solutions to Unfolding Humanitarian Border Crisis

July 15, 2019

In response to ongoing humanitarian crisis along the United States southern border, and particularly along the Texas border, the episcopal leaders of the five United Methodist Conferences in Texas are calling for state and federal government officials to set aside party politics and deliver a solution which best reflects the fundamental values of Americans and Christians.


Bishop Mike Lowry, episcopal leader of the Central Texas Conference, recently reminded that we are all called as Christians and Americans to reach out in love to our sisters and brothers in need.


“The Apostle Paul in his letter to the church of Rome tells us to ‘Contribute to the needs of God’s people, and welcome strangers into your home.’” (Romans 12:13 CEB), said Bishop Lowry. “As a Christ follower, we are called to welcome the stranger in these tough times. It is my hope and prayer that those who have been duly elected to serve will soon lay aside partisan bickering and come together with a solution that reflects our deeply held Christian and American values.


“As I contemplate how we should be responding to the immigrants and asylum seekers along our southern border, I am reminded of President Lincoln’s timeless quote from his second inaugural address” ‘With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation’s wounds.’ No matter where we are on the political spectrum, may we all reach out and serve those in need.”


Please visit ctcumc.org/immigration-response to learn more about how you reach out and serve.


All five of the active United Methodist Bishops of Texas, along with eight retired bishops who currently live in Texas have released the following statement.  Click here to download a pdf of the statement.


Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, 


We greet you in the name of our Lord. Together, we have watched with anguish the unfolding immigration crisis taking place along our southern border. Across our state, United Methodist churches are reaching out with compassion and aid to those who are suffering. We also count border patrol officers and those who work with agencies serving asylum seekers as members of our churches, and we know they are doing their best to respond to an overwhelming situation. 


Those seeking to enter the United States are children of God –- people for whom Christ died. We call upon government officials, regardless of political party, to seek solutions that reflect caring and compassion. Surely, in the midst of this unfolding humanitarian crisis, it is time to lay aside partisan politics and seek solutions of love, justice and mercy, which best reflect our fundamental values as Christians and Americans. As we search for a common response, may we rise above fear and divisiveness, remembering the guidance of Holy Scripture: “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7). 


As Bishops of The United Methodist Church in Texas, we call on the people of The United Methodist Church of Texas as well as all people of goodwill to pray for and work toward:    

  • Ending cruel policies that separate families;
  • Ensuring compassionate care for the health and welfare of children;
  • Providing safe and humane care for refugees and asylum seekers fleeing violence in their native countries; 
  • A common solution that respects, cares for and offers tangible assistance to those who are hurting and homeless; and
  • Working with officials in other countries to address root causes of violence and poverty, which threaten the health and safety of their citizens and force our sisters and brothers to flee their countries of origin.


We ask all who follow Christ as Lord to remember that our Savior was himself a homeless refugee fleeing violence. Jesus taught us, “When you have done it for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you have done it for me.” (Matthew 25:40)  


May the Peace of Christ be with you and with the children and families who are suffering, 


The United Methodist Bishops of Texas

W. Earl Bledsoe, Northwest Texas & New Mexico Episcopal Areas

Scott Jones, Houston Episcopal Area

J. Michael Lowry, Fort Worth Episcopal Area

Michael McKee, Dallas Episcopal Area

Robert Schnase, San Antonio Episcopal Area

Robert E. Hayes, Jr., Retired

Janice Riggle Huie, Retired

Joel N. Martinez, Retired

John W. Russell, Retired

Ann Sherer-Simpson, Retired

Dan E. Solomon, Retired

D. Max Whitfield, Retired

Joe A. Wilson, Retired