Small Church Initiative

The Small Church Initiative (SCI) component of the HCI process is designed to address obstacles of churches with less than 100 in attendance on Sunday. Through a combination of shared learning, coaching and consultation, this process helps congregations more effectively join God in God’s mission.


Requirements to Participate:
  • A congregational desire to grow
  • A sense of urgency to change the ways we "do church"
  • Pastor plus 10% of your average worship attendance to participate in each workshop
SCI Workshop Schedule:
The learning process includes built-in action steps with accountability throughout the course.
  • Pastor and laity meet together for 6 workshops
  • Workshops meet for 4 hours on Saturday mornings from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Participants will pay for their own books (approximately $50).
Each participant in the SCI workshop will receive a notebook containing key information and worksheets for each session. Books are not provided and are to be purchased by the church/individual.

Applying for HCI Phase 2

If your church has successfully completed Phase 1 and is ready to move into Consultation, please contact the Smith Center for Evangelism and Church Growth.

See the HCI Process for all the steps in Phase 2.

Note that for the Small Church Initiative:

  • Self-Study is completed over 4-6 months

  • Peer Mentoring is 12 sessions for pastors, meeting once per month 

  • Consultation is one-and-a-half days during the week (Tuesday/Wednesday or Wednesday/Thursday)

  • Consultation Report contains 3 strengths, 3 concerns, and 3 action steps in the form of prescriptions

  • Cost for the Consultation paid by the church: $100


For more information about the Healthy Church Initiative, please contact The Smith Center for Evangelism and Church Growth.