Update: Tuesday, Sept. 12 - Rio Texas Calls for Mold Killers

The Rio Texas Conference has put out an urgent call for products that kill mold - specifically Shockwave and Concrobium. As the clean-up efforts get underway in the Coastal Bend area of the Rio Texas Conference, mold is increasingly becoming a problem. Products to kill the mold are an immediate need and in very short supply in the affected areas. Anyone wishing to assist in providing products to kill this mold are asked to buy the cleaning products online and have them shipped directly to Victoria, Texas where the Rio Texas Conference has secured a temporary space to store these product donations. By ordering online instead of collecting and delivering in person, the products will get to the area of need faster and allow for more orderly delivery. These products are available on Amazon.com (Shockwave and Concrobium) and the Home Depot (Concrobium) and Lowe's (Concrobium) websites. Please send the cleaners to FUMC Victoria, 407 North Bridge, Victoria, TX 77901.