Flash Flooding Damages Homes Across Ellis & Tarrant Counties

As many as 150 homes across the East and North Districts have been significantly damaged by flash floods. Bishop Lowry calls on the people and churches of the Central Texas Conference to support the relief efforts by prayer and monetary gifts as they are so led.

The heavy rains that poured across most of Texas last weekend have several families in the Central Texas Conference have families in Ellis and Tarrant Counties dealing with moderate to severe flood damage to their homes – many of which were not insured or under-insured for flooding. According to an article in the Dallas Morning News, residents of Everman, one of the hardest hit areas, were sent scrambling to their rooftops in the early Saturday morning when floodwaters rose six feet in 20 minutes.
As of the last report from Central Texas Conference Disaster Response Coordinator Susan Luttrell, as many as 150 homes in Everman, Midlothian, Oak Leaf, Ovilla, Palmer, Pecan Hill, Red Oak and Rocket were damaged by the flash flooding caused by last weekend’s heavy rains. That number could very well rise significantly as more homes and/or communities report damage.
The Central Texas Conference Emergency Response Teams (ERT) have been activated. Trained and badged ERTs are either on the scene or standing by to access the damage and begin to assist local authorities in the early relief and recovery process. If you are a trained and badged Central Texas Conference ERT, please do not self-deploy to any of the affected areas. ERT individuals and teams should click here to register. If you are not a CTC ERT, please avoid going into the flood zones.

Bishop Lowry has called on the people and churches of the CTC to help support Ellis and Tarrant County Flood Relief efforts by actively praying for the families affected by the flash floods, the first responders, local officials and the CTC ERTs. He is also calling on those who are able and led to financially assist the relief efforts to do either via a special offering received at their local church or by making donations directly to the Central Texas Conference Service Center (CTCSC). If you’d like to financially support the Ellis and Tarrant County Flood Relief efforts via the CTCSC, send your check to the Central Texas Conference Service Center, Attn: Disaster Response, 3200 E. Rosedale St., Fort Worth, Texas 76105. Please put Ellis & Tarrant County Flood Relief in the memo line.  

At this time, there have been no official requests for flood buckets. Also, donations of food, water, clothing and other such items are not needed and would be a hindrance to the recovery efforts, as there is no place to store such donations. The local churches of the CTC will be notified if local authorities and/or the CTC Disaster Response Team issues a call for specific items. Please continue to watch the conference website and/or your District and local church communications for updates.  

Susan Luttrell has been in contact with the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) and is taking the required steps to apply for emergency relief funds. 
Thank you for your prayers and gifts.