Evangelism Summit 2022 Lay & Clergy Devotionals

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Evangelism as a Gift
by Rev. Estee Valendy
Names Not Numbers

by Rev. Kevin Tully

Courageous Enough to Discern

by Dr.John McKellar

At the Heart of Evangelism

by Kim Long

Not of Fear, But of Power

Brady Johnston

The Way We Do More

by Joseph Nader

Come As You Are

by Don Moore

An Invitation is Not That Complicated

by Stephen Schmidt

Welcome Home

by Tommy Prud'homme

God's Passion for the Lost

by Dean Posey

An Impossible Situation

by Grant Palma

Evangelism = Good News + Relationship

by Chris Hayes

Ordinary Holiness

by Todd Renner

Give Them to Jesus

by Jeremy Beggs

Being an Instrument of God's Grace

by Steve Nance

The Wedding at Cana of Galilee Miracle

by Patricia Warden

Standing on Holy Ground

by Zach Stiefel

Willie's Story

by Dr. Clifton Howard

Let the Redeemed Say

by Kyland Dobbins

Simple Evangelism

by Mark Winter

Equipped for the Journey

by Jim Love

"If You See Something, Say Something!"

by Beverly Connelly

Waiting Includes Movement

by Dae-Woo Jeon

God Is On Our Side

by Pat McCain

Effective Witnesses

by Kenneth D. Martin

Witness where, God?

by Amy Anderson

A Personal Encounter

by Jan Davis

You Are Welcome

Mike Alexander

Invitation to the Community

by Kevin Walters

Spirit-Led Evangelism

Fred Bates, Jr.

The Real Power of Invitation

by Philip Rhodes