Disaster Relief 2021


It seems that we are given regular and powerful reminders that this great big world is smaller than it seems, and that we are citizens of a global community. What happens on the other side of the world or on the other side of the street impacts us all and simply cannot be ignored.


In a time of disaster, we are called to sharing Christian help, but sometimes the task at hand can seem overwhelming. Bishop Lowry remind us all to "Breathe Deep. Jesus is still Lord, and that is a very good thing." Times of devastation, destruction, illness, exile and persecution are not unprecedented. The Lord knows our human need and calls us to help with hope-filled sharing.


Our Lord Jesus lays before us the great commandment to love our neighbors (Matthew 22:34-40). The earliest Christians responded to this commandment by giving generously and graciously to those in need (Acts 2:45). The people and churches of the Central Texas Conference have similarly responded time and time again when disaster, disease or other crises have struck our communities and world. Now, as earthquakes, wildfires and floods wreak havoc around the globe, it is again our turn to reach out in the name of Christ and offer aid.  Click on the below to see the latest on how the CTC and The United Methodist connection is responding to the crisis at hand.


Special Offering for Disaster Relief in Sept.

Bishop Lowry has called on all CTC churches to receive a Special Disaster Relief Offering sometime in September 2021.

Click here for more info

UMCOR Response to Haiti Earthquake

The United Methodist Committee on Relief’s response to the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that rocked Haiti is underway

Visit umcmission.org for more.

Praying for and Supporting Afghans in Need

In collaboration with long-standing partners, UMCOR is providing humanitarian relief and is prepared to assist with refugee resettlement.

More details available here