Church Leaders Resources

Helping your church respond to the coronavirus with virtual meetings, online giving, and connection as United Methodists. 

GBHEM E-Resources

Live online training opportunities, recorded webinars, downloadable ministry resources, videos, answers to frequently asked questions and more. 

Wespath's Summary of CARES Act

850-page Legislation is summarized down to 14 pages by Wespath and provides insight for what it means to churches and other non-profits.



Keeping Connected

Free Conference Call is a free conference calling service as an option for churches. Feedback from another conference indicates that they have used it successfully.  It does have a 1000 participant limit.


PhoneVite is a fee-based “Telephone Tree” service for getting out specific messages reliably to a specific list of phone numbers. There is a non-profit price available (4 cents per call). Standard pricing is 5 cents per call.  It places a recorded message on their web server and then calls the list of phone numbers you provide and plays back the message.

Resources for churches from Amplify Media:


Article form with information and resources for your church members