A Message for Easter 2023 - "I Have Seen the Lord" - Mary's Stunning Announcement

Bishop Saenz offers a message for Easter with a focus on the world changing proclamation from Mary Magdalene on that first Easter morning of "I have seen the Lord."
Mary Magdalene’s identity has been historically blurred, all four gospels tell us that she was a devoted disciple of Jesus, that she did not abandon him during his passion and was the first to encounter the risen Lord and be personally commissioned by Jesus to proclaim the good news of his resurrection. In his 2023 Easter reflection, Bishop Saenz reminds that Mary Magdalene is the model for all the devoted and loyal Christ-followers who have been heralds of good news to us - those who, through their passionate prayerful life, loving presence in difficult times, gracious generosity, kindness and selfless service, and their witness to the life of Christ at work in and through them, stunningly announce to  the world, “I have seen the Lord.”

The video reflection above is also the conclusion of Bishop Saenz's 2023 Lenten Series based on the gospel of John. To see all eight of the BELIEVE video reflections, visit ctcumc.org/Lent23-believe.