Dates, times and locations for events associated with AC21 are announced will be posted here as they are available. 
All AC21 Services & Business Sessions will be held at/webcast from First Methodist Waco (Main Campus)

This page will be updated as event times are shared and confirmed, so please check back regularly for the latest.

Registration is required by all clergy and lay members of AC21 in order to actively participate in the meeting. Click here to register.
3 p.m. - Clergy Session
5 p.m. - Fellowship of Local Pastors Session
5 p.m. - Laity Session
7 p.m. - Opening Worship Celebration
9 a.m. - Business Meeting Session 1
1 p.m. - Business Meeting Session 2*

*Retirement Service (1:50 p.m.)

7 p.m. - Service of Commissioning & Ordination
9 a.m. - Business Meeting Session 3
1 p.m. - Business Meeting Session 4



All events will be convened online via Zoom and/or Live Webcast.

AC21 Business Meeting Times are subject to change.