2015 Annual Conference Offering

Conference Offering to Support a Trinity of Vital Ministries

CTC Serve

CTC Serve is a one-day mission opportunity for CTC churches in their local communities. The 2015 focus is on alleviating hunger and is designed to help churches engage their community by serving in some way that connects to hunger.  A portion of the conference offering will be re-invested in the food ministries of local churches through a grant program. The “official” date for this event is September 13. For more information please go to ctcumc.org/ctcserve.  


UMCOR Health and School Kit Shipping Costs

The Conference ERT Trailer will collecting health & school kits to deliver to the Sager Brown Depot in Louisiana throughout AC15. The cost of getting these vitally important kits to those who need them is approximately one dollar per kit. A portion of the AC15 offering will go to fund the required $1 delivery fee. To learn more about the UMCOR kits, click here or visit umcor.org/UMCOR/Relief-Supplies


Vital Leadership Academy

The CTC’s new, eight-month leadership program launches this fall. It is designed to identify, inspire, train and support lay people as they partner with clergy to lead effective change in local congregations. A portion of the conference offering is going to support the launch of the VLA. The planned dates for 2015-16 VLA are: November 6-7; January 15-16, February 26-27 and April 8-9, 2016.