Erin Hawkins

As the General Secretary of GCORR, Erin is the team leader, coach, learner and teacher, leading the staff and board of directors on a journey of discovery of God’s call for this agency.

Erin builds on the solid history of GCORR by helping to make The United Methodist Church relevant to the times in which we are now living. The United Methodist Church and the world are more globally focused, more multicultural, and more multi-textured and complex than at any point in our history. GCORR must be about creating a culture at all levels of the church that welcomes that complexity and is focused on engaging more people, more young people and more diverse people.

Erin leads the GCORR team in understanding, interpreting and fulfilling the church’s mandates to engage United Methodists in the work of reconciliation beyond race, culture, ethnic, tribal and national biases and institutional discrimination and division.