Bishop Encourages United Methodists in CTC and NTC to Walk On Together, United in Christ

Bishop Saenz Shares a Powerful and Inspirational Episcopal Address with the 2023 Joint Central and North Texas Clergy Gathering

“Let us pick up our mats and walk. Walk on Oh People of God. Let Walk On. Together. Forward. United in Christ. Walk on Oh People of God.”

In his episcopal address to the 450+ present at the 2023 Joint Central & North Texas Conference Clergy Gathering, Bishop Ruben Saenz Jr. recognized that Jesus needs us all to be well, especially those called and entrusted with the spiritual lives of those in our communities and world.

He also reminded us that God is all about the walk. The prophets and psalmists tell us that God walks among God’s people and breaks their yokes of doubt, oppression and shame allowing us to walk with our heads held high. Paul in several of his letters encouraged followers of Jesus to walk in faith. In fact, Jesus was all about walking. Sometimes with purpose, sometimes into dangerous situations and, sometimes, he just seemed to be wandering about and available to those in the community so that he could become intimately connected with them.
In his recollection of the biblical narrative of the man at the Pool of Bethesda whom Jesus healed after 38 years of waiting, Bishop Saenz punctuated our collective need for healing and to pick up our mats and walk into the new way of things that Jesus is creating. He closes by encouraging all to say yes to Christ’s healing invitation to pick up our mats and “walk together as one people united in mission to the rich, fast growing and rapidly diversifying mission field” of the Central and North Texas Conferences.

You may view Bishop’s episcopal address to the Joint Clergy Gathering by clicking on the image below. To download and/or share the video, please visit the CTC Vimeo page here.