2020 Cabinet Summer Vacation & Coverage Calendar

Please see the list below for information on when the Central Texas Conference District Superintendents and other members of the Cabinet plan to be on vacation this summer and who you should contact if necessary while they are away.

Click on the names under Coverage Contact(s) for contact information

Cabinet Member
Vacation Dates
Coverage Contact(s)
Mike Ramsdell (New Church Start)
    June 26 - July 11    
     Lisa Neslony / Brad Brittain     
Randy Wild (East District)
July 1 - 11 
July 26 - 31
Louis Carr
Jeff Roper (Campus Ministries)
July 8 - 22
Clifton Howard
Leah Hidde-Gregory (Central District)
July 12 - 22
Randy Wild
Lisa Neslony (West District)
July 12 - 25
Brad Brittain / Mike Ramsdell
Louis Carr (North District)
July 12 - 31
Randy Wild
Brad Brittain (South District)
July 20 - 31
Lisa Neslony / Randy Wild