U.S. Congress Contact Information

Below is a listing of the U.S. Representatives and Senators serving the people of the Central Texas Conference in 2017-18.
Click here to see a map with all the districts listed to determine which Representative serves you and/or your church.



                John Cornyn    https://www.cornyn.senate.gov/ 
                Ted Cruz    https://www.cruz.senate.gov/ 


TX 6: Joe Barton    https://joebarton.house.gov/ 
TX 11: Michael Conaway    https://conaway.house.gov/ 
TX 12: Kay Granger    https://kaygranger.house.gov/  
TX 17: Bill Flores    https://flores.house.gov/ 
TX 19: Jodey Arrington    https://arrington.house.gov/ 
TX 24: Kenny Marchant    https://marchant.house.gov/ 
TX 25: Roger Williams    https://williams.house.gov/ 
TX 26: Michael Burgess    https://burgess.house.gov/ 
TX 31: John Carter    https://carter.house.gov/ 
TX 33: Marc Veasey    https://veasey.house.gov/