2012 Conference Journal

Below are links to resources available in the 2012 Official Journal of the Central Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church. For your convenience (and download speed) the journal has been broken down into sections below. The entire journal can be downloaded via the final link on the page. All files are in pdf format.
For questions regarding content or presentation of the journal, please contact Mavis Howell. If you are experiencing technical difficulties downloading the pages, please click here to contact our technical support team.
Section A – Officers of the Annual Conference
Section B – Boards, Centers, Committees, Councils, Teams & Task Groups
Section C – Roll of the Conference
Section D – Daily Proceedings
Section E – Business of the Annual Conference
Section F – Appointments
Section G – Reports
Section H– Memoirs
Section I – Roll of Deceased Ministerial Members
Section J – Historical
Section K – Guiding Principles & Best Practices
Section L – Policies & Procedures
Section M – Pastoral Records
Section N – Financial Statements
Section O – Statistical Tables
Section P – Index
Entire 2012 Journal (this is a large file, download could take several minutes)