What to Bring on CTCYM

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This list serves as the official Dress Code for all CTCYM trips. Your signature on the Liability and Medical Release form indicates you are aware of and agree to the Dress Code.

Personal Items

  • Sleeping bag and pillow
  • Cot or twin size air mattress (nothing larger)
  • Soap, shampoo, deodorant, tooth brush, etc.
  • Hair ties/barrettes for securing long hair on the Work Site
  • Bible 
  • Towel/Washcloth
  • Bug repellent spray
  • Rain gear
  • Tote bag (taking belongings to shower)
  • Sunscreen
  • Spending money
  • Flashlight
  • Medication (labeled)
  • Musical instrument (if one is played)

Work Clothes

Bring enough clothes for the entire week. Laundry facilities are not available. Expect
a week filled with hard work, sweat, paint
and dirt. Don’t bring your favorite clothes
for work.

  • Shirts with sleeves (sleeves may not be rolled) and long pants must be worn at all times while working at the worksite.
  • Work Shoes (for safety reasons must be enclosed shoes, old tennis shoes are fine if they have a good sole)
  • At least one long sleeve shirt
  • (to be worn if you are working with insulation)
  • Work gloves (not “garden” gloves)
  • Cap, visor or bandana for sun protection



Casual Clothes

Al participants are expected to wear modest clothing.

Please carefully consider fit/tightness and length/overall coverage of clothes.

Do not bring clothing with content advertising or related to alcohol, drugs, or sexual behavior.

CTCYM adults/leadership reserve the right to request a change of clothing.


  • Shorts for evening activities (length should be conservative, fingertip length or mid-thigh as a guide).
  • Shirts for evening activities (sleeveless shirts are not allowed for boys or girls)
  • Tennis Shoes
  • Shoes for shower (flip flops, water
  • shoes, etc.)
  • Swimsuit (modest one piece)


Sometimes the Program Director will schedule “themed” night i.e. Hawaiian shirt night or Tie-Dye night, etc. You will be notified before the trip if this is the case; you are not required to participate.

Personal tools

Mark tools clearly with your name so you will be sure to take them home with you. Your Group Leader may give you a specific color with which to mark the tools from your church. 

  • Claw Hammer (16 oz. suggested)
  • Safety goggles
  • Pencil
  • Nail apron (cloth or leather)
  • Dust mask
  • Tape measure



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