1.     The signature page with all original signatures. These persons need to have seen and approved of the information submitted in their area of responsibility. Place in a manila folder with your church name on the outside. Also place a copy of the following…

2.     The membership report for the Year of Jubilee – those names to be read for removal by charge conference action need to be typed on a page. There needs to be a copy for each member of the charge conference present. We will not actually read the names out loud, but will read them silently – which is why you need a page for distribution. These names will again be read at the 2014 Charge Conference – and then they may be removed from the roll. After that, the church rolls are to be cleaned each year.

3.     The Pastoral Support & Compensation form (PSCF) – The compensation package must have been approved previously at a Church Council/Administrative Council/whatever you call your administrative church body – THIS ESPECIALLY INCLUDES THE ARP AMOUNT! The Charge Conference will approve the total compensation package for the clergy.

4.     Leaders and officers elected for the upcoming year need to be listed on a page and distributed to those who are present at the charge conference. Again, these need to be approved by your Church Council prior to the Charge Conference.

All of the above will be voted on in the large group which is why your people need your church’s information, and why the information needs to be approved by your administrative body prior to Charge Conference.
PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU FILL OUT THE PSCF CORRECTLY AND COMPLETELY! Notice the rules regarding ARP! This is a must-do, please! The form has detailed instructions, please follow them closely and fill the form out in the order prescribe on the form to ensure accuracy and ease of use. Besides the PSCF, there are 14 forms that will need to be completed online. The due date for completion of these forms is one week prior to your Charge Conference date. Click here to verify the date of your Charge Conference.
If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the North District. Thank you all for helping us move forward in a time-saving way so that Charge Conferences can be meaningful and productive.


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