The Central Texas Conference has been invited by the Council of Bishops to pray for the Commission on a Way Forward from Jan. 28 to Feb 3, 2018.  You and your local church are invited to join in this important opportunity.

The Council of Bishops has asked each Annual Conference to commit to a week of intentional and fervent prayer for the Commission on the Way Forward. The appointed week for the Central Texas Conference to pray our way forward is Jan. 28 – Feb. 3. Bishop Lowry invites and encourages every organization associated with the CTC – each local church, every district office and center of the CTCSC, all Wesley Foundations, extension ministries, UMWs, UMMs, etc. – to claim at least one 15-minute period and devote themselves to prayer. 

Here are three ways you can participate – of course, there are myriad more:

As mentioned above, each church and organization in the CTC is invited and encouraged to select a specific 15-minute window during the week of Jan. 28 – Feb. 3 to be in intentional prayer for the COWF. To ensure that we are bathing the commission in prayer throughout the week, a sign-up page has been created. Click the "sign up" button to the left or go to ctcumc.org/prayforward-signup, find the time that works for you and sign up. If you can’t find a time that’ll work for you, please contact Kristin Warthen (kristinwarthen@ctcumc.org).


Some other ways to participate include visiting umcprays.org for daily tools and prayer guides and going to umc.org/wayforward to read more about the work of the commission so that you can pray for specific portions of their journey. And, again, you can simply pray for each of the individual members of the Commission on a Way Forward. Their names are posted at ctcumc.org/prayforward2018-COWFmembers.

Please join our sisters and brothers around the world in prayer. Together, let’s pray our way forward.