Partners in Ministry

Lay & Clergy Sharing Ministry and Building the Kingdom 

Partners in Ministry is for lay and clergy together. Since all Christians are called by God, we must learn to work as a team, leading the church in the ministry each of us is called to share. You will become immersed in the principles and skills of being partners in ministry.
During the Partners in Ministry training an attitude of Trust, Credibility, Openness and Responsibility develops. The skills of listening, communicating, trust building, problem solving and visioning…will become real in your life.

The Objectives of Partners in Ministry include:

  • Build teamwork and collaboration in your work with others
  • Listen with more skill and understanding
  • Create an environment of win/win problem solving
  • Give and receive feedback more effectively
  • Confront others in a caring and constructive way
  • Building and keep trust and credibility
  • Learn to vision for the future of your church and the kingdom

Partners in Ministry is a hands-on workshop…

The skills that are taught and practiced in the sessions enable everyone to become totally equipped during the time together. There are a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 32 participants. Smaller churches are encouraged to cluster together in scheduling a Partners in Ministry training session.
The workshop is offered in a two and a half-day time block or a one and a half-day time block. However, our training team is flexible and will work with you to find the best possible times that fit your church’s schedule.

The members of your church will learn to work together using the following ground rules:

  • All team members are committed to Jesus Christ and the shared vision of the church.
  • All team members seek win/win solutions to problems and conflicts that arise.
  • All team members are open and honest in their communications.
  • All team members assume 100% responsibility for the results that happen.
  • All team members agree to live from the Heart Principle.
These sessions of Partners in Ministry are led by a team of two, one from clergy and one from laity, modeling the partnership principles that are taught.

Partners in Ministry Trainers:               


Georgia Adamson
Luther Henry
Brady Johnston
Mike Kerzee
Steve Langford
Denise Luper
Jeff Miller
Mary Spradlin
Sharon Reid
Christie Robbins
Ginger Watson


Sandra Boedecker
Jolynn Lowry
Corliss McBride
Steve McIver
Jannette Miller
Mike Springer
Avis Wukasch