Chuck Knows Church

Do you ever wonder about the meaning behind some of the objects, symbols, terms & places found in your church? Well, Chuck Knows Church and he is sharing his insights via a fun and fast-paced video series. All it takes is two minutes to have a little fun and learn a thing or two about the church from Chuck.
Chuck Knows Church, a new weekly online video series interpreting the objects, symbols and terms used in church for anyone who might be unfamiliar with what they encounter in their church.
The series featuring Chuck, a witty, fount of knowledge about all things church, is being produced by the General Board of Discipleship (GBOD) office of communications and worship resource team, in collaboration with the United Methodist Publishing House and United Methodist Communications. A new episode of Chuck Knows Church will be available on this page each week, as well as on the Chuck Knows Church YouTube channel, Facebook and

The following is the eigth of the series and it's a bit of a departure from what we've come to know and love from the Chuckster. This week, Chuck just wants to discuss the season in which we celebrate the birth of our Lord, and to wish you a Merry Christmas. 


Chuck Knows Church is meant to augment the local church's education of its members in a social networking environment. It’s not meant to be a full and complete explanation of each week’s subject. At the end of each episode Chuck invites viewers to learn more by asking their pastor.  Church leaders are invited to post the video each week to their local church websites. In addition, the series is perfect for confirmation classes, new member classes, youth groups and worship teams. Each new YouTube video link will be on the Chuck Knows Church YouTube channel. Church leaders can sign up on the Chuck Knows Church website for a simple weekly notice announcing when the latest episode is available.

If you missed an episode or two or want to see a past one again, just visit to watch or download the episodes in the video series. The series is also available on YouTube at: and on Facebook at You can follow Chuck on Twitter at @ChuckKnows.