Bishop & Mrs. Lowry Appreciation Event

The Central Texas Delegation and Committee on the Episcopacy invite you to show your support for Bishop and Mrs. Lowry's reappointment to the Fort Worth Episcopal Area – you probably know it better as the Central Texas Conference – by making a donation in their honor to Imagine No Malaria (INM).

Bishop Lowry has been a visionary leader for us in the Central Texas Conference and we are proud that he is also a leader for the United Methodist Church globally. What is now an historic grassroots mission movement for United Methodists first began as a “buzz” with Bishop Lowry and a handful of other visionaries.

“Appearing in a mosquito suit (see photo left)  for us in 2010 was just a glimpse of his courage, desire and passion to lead the Central Texas Conference as pioneers in this global mission,” said Rev. Dawne Phillips upon hearing of the delegation and committee’s idea to honor Bishop Lowry’s return to the CTC by making a donation to INM in his name. “We look forward to the many ways Bishop Lowry will help us continue in Imagine No Malaria and in the many other ministries upon which we will be called to act.”

Your gift honoring Bishop and Mrs. Lowry to Imagine No Malaria would be a part of the conference’s renewed emphasis on the eradication of deaths by malaria through the Imagine No Malaria campaign of The United Methodist Church in the coming year. 

The stated goal from the Central Texas Delegation and Committee on the Episcopacy is to raise $20,000 in Bishop and Mrs. Lowry’s name for INM by Sept. 26. “We are encouraging every local congregation in the CTC to participate,” said Tom Harkrider, lead of the Central Texas delegation.  “A great way to participate would be to select one or multiple Sundays between now and Sept. 26 to make this offering to Imagine No Malaria in honor of Bishop and Mrs. Lowry a part of your worship service.”

Please make checks out to the Central Texas Conference with Bishop Lowry-INM in the memo line. When sending the donations received to the CTCSC (464 Bailey Ave., Fort Worth, Texas, 76107)
please make your contribution using a remittance form to The Central Texas Conference and designated to Advance #3021190. All donations will be sent in at once to the Advance.

A facebook page has been set up for this campaign. Please log in and share your thoughts and inspirations. Click on the image to the right and download it for use in church bulletins and newsletters.