Engaging in Ministry with the Poor

While the United Methodist Church is a global church, loving the entire world with the grace of Jesus, we know that the “entire world” begins right outside our back door. Being at work in our local communities is at the heart of our ministry in the world. Because we are people living in many and varied communities, that ministry happens in many and varied ways. One of the key focus areas of ministry for The United Methodist Church and especially the Central Texas Conference is engaging in Ministry with the Poor.

The Engaging in Ministry with the Poor part of the Mission Support website includes links to some of the ways our churches are at work in the world to help engage with the poor - and that doesn't just mean monitarily...the poor in spirit need us more than ever.  If you have experiences in ministry within your local community that you would like to share with others, please contact Rev. Dawne Phillips at the Central Texas Conference Service Center (dawnephillips@ctcumc.org) and we’ll talk about how you can invite other congregations to learn, grow and serve along with you.