Risk Taking Mission & Service

Welcome to one of the more dynamic parts of the Mission Support site. Click on the tabs to the left to learn about and register to be an active member of the Mission Experience in Central Texas and around the world. Whether you are a Youth or Youth sponsor looking for a mission trip, someone who wants to lead a group of eager souls on a mission trip somewhere in the world, ready to join an Early Response Team or myriad other ways to become personally and actively involved in the missions of the United Methodist Church, you just need to click and begin your journey.
"The missional church is made up of missionaries [at home or abroad], who are playing the big game every day. They live their lives with the idea that they are on a mission trip. On mission trips, people focus on the work of God around them, alert to the Spirit’s prompting, usually serving people in very tangible ways, often in ways that involve some sacrifice or even discomfort."
"The missional church views the church’s position in society very differently. It understands that God has his people — his missionaries — deployed across all domains of culture. After all, since the mission is redemptive and the world is God’s target, doesn’t it make sense that he would take this approach? Otherwise, how would salt be distributed or light puncture the darkness?"  Reggie McNeal, from his recent book “Missional Renaissance.”