Intentional Faith Development

Vibrant, fruitful growing congregations practice Intentional Faith Development. From the first generations of Christians to the earliest Methodists to the youngest generations of faithful members today, the followers of Jesus Christ mature by learning together in community. Churches that practice Intentional Faith Development offer high quality learning experiences that help people understand scripture, faith, and life in the supportive nurturing of caring relationships.”  - page 62 of  Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations.
In this section of our website, we will include both conference-sponsored events as well as those events available throughout our denomination. We encourage you to connect with others who have a passion for learning and growing through the Christian Educators Facebook page listed below or through any of the Christian Educators’ Fellowship events throughout the year.
As a conference, we are working to develop relational groups for all persons working with the spiritual formation of children and adults through the Christian Educators’ Fellowship.  You will see events posted on our website on a regular basis that are offered through our partnership with this organization. In addition, we have developed a Facebook page for the Christian Educators’ Fellowship in the Central Texas Conference. "Like" us  (go to the page and click the thumbs up “Like” tab at the top) and join today so that you can communicate about curriculum, ideas and needs.