Conference Nominations & Leadership Development


Leader Search
Launch January 3, 2012
“Leader Search” is a process for advertising a vacancy in the annual conference organization which could include boards, agencies, commissions, committees, task forces, and teams.  Conference Nominations and Leadership Development’s task is to identify and invite people to lead and serve. True to our core value of inclusiveness we are looking for persons that reflect various ages, genders, ethnic backgrounds, and abilities. We will be soliciting names of possible candidates that possess the interest, skills and experience for the open positions, all on-line. Detailed Position Descriptions will be posted. Once the position is filled, its Position Description will be removed. Persons may nominate themselves or others whom they believe are qualified for the position. Traditional nominations from the district will continue to be part of our process. The conference Nominations and Leadership Development Committee will determine the final nominee which will then be presented to Annual Conference for approval.
If you want to talk to someone about an opening, want to nominate yourself or another person, contact Nancy Shulser at or call the Conference Service Center 817-877-5222, or 800-460-8622 and ask for the Center Administrator in which the opening relates.