Children's Ministry

Children’s Ministry Coordinator: Kay Lancaster • 817/274-2571 •

Conference Associate Director of Christian Education: Karen Granderson • 817/877-5222 • 800/460-8622 •
GENERAL BOARD OF DISCIPLESHIP – links, resources and general information
These resources for Children’s Ministries can help with the following:
•  Helping Children Cope in the Aftermath of Disasters
•  Resources for Christian Educators, Parents, and Clergy
•  Resources for New Children’s Ministries
•  Trainers and Resource People
•  Training in Ministry with Young Children
•  Weekday Preschool Ministry Resources
•  What is Ministry with Children?
RESOURSE LIST TO HELP CHILDREN COPE WITH DISASTERS  - The resource list for helping children cope with images and feelings in the aftermath of disasters has been updated. Check it out at:
SAFE SANCTUARY - Local churches should be intentional to train ALL persons who have contact and leadership with the children and youth especially about their policy and safe sanctuary guidelines and procedures. It is recommended that this training be offered every year to insure that new persons receive the training and to remind experienced teachers about all the issues. An ONLINE Safe Sanctuaries course is available for persons who are unable to attend the local church face-to-face training. To access the course, email Karen Granderson, You will receive a response containing the pathway to enter the course. You may work at your own speed and on your schedule to complete it. You must have a copy of the book, Safe Sanctuaries, by Joy Melton. You can obtain a copy from Cokesbury stores or, if your church doesn’t already have the book for you to borrow.  
Safe Sanctuary Policy

For training model for Safe Sanctuaries, click here.

BULLYING is a serious issue in our world.  As a society, we tend to be reactive, whether than proactive.  Scripture and our General Rules tell us that this type of behavior is not acceptable in Christian community, but how are we equipping the children in our congregations to deal with it in real life?  How do we address bullying in the context of our Christian identity so that everyone understands the deep scars that bullying leaves on children.  One congregation in the Holston Annual Conference has addressed this through their commitment to covenant discipleship groups.  Their story will be shared so that other congregations can benefit from their experience.  Do you have a story to share?  Please email Melanie Gordon to share your story.  All stories will be compiled into an online resource for all congregations. More will be added as they are available. Please let us know if you have resources or information to share, or if you would like to address this issue in more depth. Contact Karen Granderson, 817-877-5222, 800-460-8622,
CERTIFIED AS LEADERS FOR CREATED BY GOD – The following persons were trained in September 2010 as leaders for the human sexuality study, Created by God, for 5th and 6th graders. If your church wishes to have this training, or a cluster of churches wants to do this together, you may contact any of these persons to negotiate your dates and the fee. It is recommended that a starting point for negotiating the fee would be a minimum of $250 to $300. This course involves many hours of preparation for the leader, and includes meetings with parents, small group leaders and the participants. For more information, call one of the participants or contact Karen Granderson at the conference office, 817/877-5222, 800/460-8622 or
WORSHIP WITH CHILDREN – Click on the following link on planning worship with children. It is lectionary based and written by Carolyn C. Brown, a wonderful author of informational books for leaders. 
ZOE MINISTRY CHILDREN'S MOMENTS - Need a fun, free and rewarding idea for children’s ministry? ZOE Ministry is pleased to offer a package of five mission moments, designed especially for children. This free package includes five videos with accompanying take-home mission papers.  Each paper handout features a mission project that allows children and their families to support the work of ZOE Ministry in fun and meaningful ways. Click here for a flyer.
CHILDREN AND GRIEF – There have been many questions from church leaders concerning children and grief. We know that the quote, “children are resilient” is often used as an excuse for adults not to help children address loss and uncertainty. Here are resources that are helpful to leaders in ministry with children and parents: Hello Grief, is a website that provides help and resources for parents and guardians of children dealing with grief. There is a section on faith and state-by-state resources. Comfort Zone Camp, is an actual camp for children to be with other children dealing with grief. The counselors have lived through the loss of a parent. Holy Listening Stones are sets of stones with random symbols on them to help children begin to express their feelings which can be difficult in times of crisis, either because they have a limited vocabulary or because the pain is so deep, they cannot find words to describe it. A complete set can be found on the First Steps webpage,
WHAT IS ARK? – ARK (Adults Relating to Kids) Program is a breakthrough parenting and teaching skills course created and presented by The ARK Group, Inc. (formerly The Children’s Center for Self-Esteem), a Texas non-profit 501 ©(3) corporation. For more information about The ARK Group, go to their website, For their newsletter archives, check out
HEARTFELT NEWSLETTER – Take a look at HEARTFELT, the new LOGOS Ministry e-letter, designed for busy families who want to grow body, mind and spirit and who want support and encouragement. Each edition will have information for parents and for children around a timely topic, and a session of “Family ’Round the Table” which will include a dinner theme and menu, activities for your family to do together, a Bible study and a framework for family prayers and worship. You can get to this newsletter by clicking A new Family ‘round the Table iPhone application is now available from the iTunes store. For just $.99, users can get the entire 156 week library of Family ‘round the Table sessions that are highlighted in the Heartfelt Newsletter for parents. Each session provides parents with ideas and information for conducting a fun and spirit-filled activity with their children with an emphasis on faith formation…right at home. The new application is delivered to users’ iPhone as a searchable database and will allow parents to select a session that meets their specific needs (e.g., menu, activity, Scripture reference, etc.). Family ‘round the Table is a ground-breaking iPhone application and is available now on iTunes.
CHILDREN’S MINISTRY FOR SMALL CHURCHES FUTURE SOLUTIONS NOW: Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder then, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Mark 10:14b (NIV)
What to Think About:
1.       Do you have 3 persons who want to start, improve or revitalize you children’s program?
2.       Do you have fewer than 10 children in Sunday school each Sunday?
3.       Ask these persons to commit to a 2 hour meeting.
4.       Call for help.
5.       Set up the meeting.
6.       Listen.
7.       Learn.
8.       Plan.
9.       Budget.
10.    Go forth and do.
11.    Call for follow up and troubleshooting.
12.    Keep working.
13.    Don’t give up or lose hope.
Nitty Gritty:
1.       You need 3 or more caring, committed adults.
2.       You need willingness to search beyond your doors for children.
3.       You need to be willing to do things differently than you have in the past.
How to Get Help:
1.       Write down what you have been doing.
2.       Write down what you want to do, and any plan you have made to accomplish the task.
3.       Submit the plan to Kay Lancaster at or 313 N. Center, Arlington TX 76011
4.       Plan to meet with Kay Lancaster and your volunteers. (Cost: Free – travel expenses will be paid by the conference Nurture Council.)