Missionary Support

       United Methodist Missionaries--from everywhere to everywhere!

In more than 60 countries around the world, United Methodist missionaries come from many places and backgrounds and witness and serve in dramatically different locales and cultures.

They engage in a range of activities and professions including pastors, educators, congregational and leadership developers, regional coordinators for UMCOR, agriculturalists, health coordinators, and doctors.

Ways you and your church can help support United Methodist Missionaries:

  1. Learn about our missionaries that are supported by churches of the Central Texas Conference and how they live faith through their remarkable work.  Click on a missionary's name below to learn more.
  2. Pray for them and their ministry.
  3. Support and Partner with a missionary by making a financial contribution of any size or by entering into a Covenant Relationship of $5/member or $2,500/congregation for a year.
  4. Share news of United Methodist missionaries at your church. Use these featured resources to help.
  5. Click HERE for "Guidelines on Building a Relationship with Your Missionary" all year long.
  6. Go to a new General Board of Global Ministries missionary series "Beyond the Anchor Cross: Mission from Everywhere to Everywhere", which highlights the work of the United Methodist missionaries from around the globe.
  7. Tips for Churches and Individuals Hosting Missionaries is available HERE.


     Jonathon & Donna Baker - DR of the Congo

     Rukang Chikomb & Fresie Chikomb - DR of the Congo

     Tendai Paul Manyeza - Zimbabwe

     Katie Meek - Sierra Leone
              Read more information HERE.

     Gaston Ntambo & Jeanne Ntambo - DR of the Congo

     Mutwale Wa Mushidi & Kabaka Alphonsine - Tanzania
Read their current NEWSLETTER


Europe & Eurasia

     Bill Lovelace  - Ukraine

    Jonathan McCurley - Japan
Read his latest news here!

Latin America

     Willie Berman - Mexico
Read current NEWSLETTER.

     David Ceballos & Cynthia Ceballos - Panama
Read their current NEWSLETTER.

     Mary Escobar - Paraguay         
Read her current NEWSLETTER.

     James Williams & Lisa Williams - Belize
Read their current NEWSLETTER.

North America

     Janet Lahr Lewis - Washington, DC

     Donna Pewo - Oklahoma

South Central Jurisdiction Mission Advocate

     To be determined.

For more information about United Methodist missionaries, steps to scheduling a visit in your congregation with a missionary, or supporting missionaries in any way, please contact Rev. Molly Hayes at globalministries@ctcumc.org.