JFON Partnership Opportunities

Justice for our Neighbors (JFON) is a ministry based on welcoming immigrants into our churches and communities and grounded in Jesus’ teaching to “welcome the stranger” (Matthew 25:35). In addition to a fruitful ministry providing direct assistance to clients with immigration issues, JFON has recently adopted the focus of energizing and equipping local churches for ministry with immigrants. JFON serves as a resource for gaining insights into the life issues of our immigrant neighbors and helping churches to establish and strengthen relevant ministries and relationships with them. Some of the areas in which partnering with JFON can help energize your immigration ministries include
  • English as a Second Language
  • Citizenship Classes
  • Life (in the U.S.A.) 101
  • Immigration Primer
Click on the buttons below to download the official JFON brochure for more information or to apply to be an official JFON partner congregation.
If your church would like to re-energize your ministry with the immigrant community or begin to reach out in new ways, resources are available to assist you. Partner churches will need to provide a leadership team of 5-10 per-sons, a desire to build relationships with your neighbors, and the willingness/ability to develop a plan for sustainability of the ministries that are developed in partnership with JFON.



For more information, contact Rev. Dawne Phillips, CTC director of Missions at 1-800-460-8622 or dawnephillips@ctcumc.org.