by Lori Cotton
First UMC, Springtown

One of our four focus areas in the United Methodist Church is Leadership Development – developing leaders for the future. This endeavor is a creative task requiring more than just discernment of gifts and encouragement. A key component is involvement.
Tristin Roberson is a member of FUMC-Springtown, a student at Weatherford College (where she works at the Wesley Foundation), and she is the music director at Silver Creek UMC.
Tristin expresses the importance of involvement, “I was raised in the United Methodist Church. As the congregation and church leaders watched me mature in my faith, I was asked to serve on Administrative Council and to serve in other aspects of the church. It was then, Rex Layfield, a member of FUMC Springtown, asked me to attend a District Student Leadership meeting. When I went to my first meeting in 2010, I felt a sense of self, and met lifelong friends that, little did I know, would help me mature into the person that I am today with Christ Jesus.”
In addition to her participation in local church and district leadership, Tristin has also served as an FUMC-Springtown lay member to Annual Conference. Tristin has been able through participation in leadership to grow in her sense of call to ministry.
“As I continued to be involved,” she says, “I felt God tugging my heart to something deeper. God was calling me to bigger things, ordained ministry.  Ever since I felt that tug, there is no doubt in my mind that God has placed everything in my life to equip me to further God’s Kingdom. I feel called to help people discern God’s presence through worship. When people walk into the church, I want them to experience freedom and restoration through the Holy Spirit.

“I feel drawn to the Methodist Church because of the teachings of John Wesley. Wesley strived for sanctification. He had a very bold faith, and burned with passion for Christ. Wesleyan teachings show us that grace is such a crucial part of our journey with God.”

As a “second” career minister, I am inspired by young adults answering the call to ministry. Tristin uses her gifts and abilities in music composition to enrich worship. She intends to grow further in the call to ministry through the process of ordination. In our focus of developing leaders for the future, it is essential to be innovative and fluid in how we make space for our youth and young adults in leadership.