Host Church - Living Center Facilities


We call the place we sleep, eat and worship our Living Center. We ask the Host Church to either set up our Living Center in their church or help us find another location such as a school, community center, etc.  Needs include:

  • Rooms for sleeping 80 - 120 people.  Air-conditioned rooms for sleeping and meeting, where belongings can be left during the day.
  • Meeting Room for 80 -120 people for worship and activities
    • PA system (helpful but not a necessity)
    • Chairs
  • Kitchen Use
    • Cooking pots and pans
    • Plates and utensils (CTCYM will bring paper products if necessary)
    • Ice machine (or non-financial help with arranging a local ice company to provide a freezer and ice)
    • Refrigerator space (this can be substantial to store food for 80 – 120 people)
  • Dining Room (can be the same as the meeting room)
    • Chairs and tables
  • Tool Storage area in the parking lot (or location where we can place a trailer)
  • Restrooms (at least 3 stalls/ gender)
  • Parking area (expect 10-12 vans with trailers to be parked overnight throughout the week)
  • Room to use as a CTCYM office for the week (not mandatory but helpful)
  • If available, access for the Center Director and Administrative Coordinator to copier and internet access.

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