Gifts and Graces

by Megan Davidson
Director, TCU Wesley Foundation
Rachel Jones came to the Wesley Foundation her freshman year at the invitation of two of her friends. She started at TCU as a music education major and vocal performance minor. Her talent was evident to me from the first time I heard her sing. Originally a resident of Dallas and an active member at Wilshire Baptist Church, she has been committed to the ministry at the Wesley from her first visit. She now serves on our worship leadership team.
In the spring of 2013, Rachel began to wonder how her career in music might be used to serve God in the world. She started exploring the Church Music program at TCU and felt God calling her to pursue a seminary education and a career in church music. After speaking with her parents and advisors, they all advised her not to change majors but to stick with Music Education. I talked with her and, as her campus minister, encouraged her to do the opposite of what her professors advised. I confirmed that I saw in her the giftedness and ability to be an excellent church musician and that the church would be the perfect place to fulfill what she felt God calling her toward. She looked forward to a summer at her home church as the Music Ministry Intern and was hopeful that the experience of shadowing a church musician would either confirm or deny her discernment.
She shared with me recently that the experience had been absolutely life changing and confirming of her calling to be a church musician. She shared that the congregation was complimentary of her talent, but more than that, was supportive of her call. She was given many opportunities to do hands-on ministry in a large church and supported by a seasoned church musician.
As a junior this year, she is exploring seminaries with a church music program. As her campus minister, I will be supporting her in her search and will continue to be a voice of encouragement and guidance. The Lord has certainly guided her transformation and discernment as she’s felt called to ministry, and it has been a joy to bear witness to this tremendous change.