Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we choose MinistrySafe? 
The Central Texas Conference Center for Mission Support evaluated several abuse prevention systems and believes MinistrySafe provides the most comprehensive set of tools to ensure that all children and youth are protected within the ministries of CTC churches. MinistrySafe provides all CTC churches, regardless of size, access to appropriate and necessary resources to implement an appropriate safety program.

Who’s paying for this resource?
The CTC Center for Mission Support is covering the initial set-up fee, the live roll-out trainings, continuing education, and all per-person training charges for each congregation with no limit on the number of persons trained. Each local church will be required to cover the costs of individual volunteer/staff background checks. A library of screening and policy forms are available at no cost.

Can I change the CTC MinistrySafe policies?
The CTC MinistrySafe policies were adopted by the CTC Annual Conference at the recommendation of the  CTC MinistrySafe Task Force and  Board of Trustees. They include the foundational pieces of the MinistrySafe recommended policies as well as the pre-existing Safe Sanctuary guidelines endorsed by the conference.  They are designed so that they can be “personalized” to include the local church name and particular organizational structure but the content of the policy is not to be changed.

Where do I find the required screening documents for MinistrySafe?
The required screening steps include a written application, personal interview, and three references. MinistrySafe provides sample documents for churches to use for this process. They can be found on your dashboard under the “Documents” tab on the left side panel. You will need your church’s log-in information from your Safety System Administrator at your local church to access these resources. You may also find screening documents on our CTC website by clicking here.


How do I get a background check for my volunteers/staff?
Every volunteer/staff person who works with children or youth must have a criminal background check.  Churches may choose to use MinistrySafe for background checks in a “one-stop” process through the online dashboard. Alternatively, a church may choose another background check vendor, which provides a comparable search to those provided through MinistrySafe.  To see a description of the search options provided by MinistrySafe click here. CTC recommends Level 1 (or Level 2 for drivers) for volunteers and Level 5 (at minimum) for staff positions. Churches are responsible for the cost of background checks for their staff/volunteers.  Special pricing is offered to CTC congregations by MinistrySafe. Please contact CTC Center for Mission Support at 817-877-5222 for a pricing sheet. To set up a payment method call MinistrySafe directly at 817-737-7233 and let them know you are with “CTC Methodists.”  


How often does the training and screening have to be renewed?
The video training must be renewed every two years and the renewal date will appear on your dashboard. (Please use the “Awareness Training” tab on the left side panel to send video training before the two year mark.) The criminal background check is also set to renew every two years. Even if you use a different company for background checks, MinistrySafe and CTC strongly recommend renewing background checks every 3-5 years as a best practice.  The other screening steps—Application, Interview, References—should be reviewed and updated on an intermittent basis as determined by your local Safety Committee.  

What is required for my church to participate in a Central Texas Conference events?
Churches with adults participating in a Central Texas Conference sponsored event for children or youth (i.e. CTCYM, Chrysalis, Children’s Bible Camp, etc.) are required to be MinistrySafe certified. In addition, anyone taking UMVIM Leader Training and ERT Training are required to be MinistrySafe certified before attending a class. Individual participants and/or church groups are required to submit documentation certifying that all participating adults have completed all 5 Safety Steps.  Individuals who are not fully certified will not be allowed to participate.  Click HERE to download the MinistrySafe Compliance form.

If I am having trouble with my MinistrySafe dashboard, who should I contact?
For technical issues, contact MinistrySafe directly  at  817-737-7233.


If I have a question or suggestion regarding MinistrySafe in The Central Texas Conference, who can I contact?
Questions about and interpretations of the Central Texas Conference MinistrySafe system are managed through the CTC MinistrySafe Oversight Committee.  Please leave all questions, suggestions, or comments HERE.  You will be contacted by an Oversight Committee member.