Five Star Award for Missional Involvement

The Five Star Award for Missional Involvement is a Central Texas Conference initiative designed to serve as a starting point for risk-taking mission and service by recognizing United Methodist churches that achieve a foundational level of engagement with the needs of the world during a calendar year.

For a church to qualify, they must fill out an application online with documentation of the following:

  • 100% of Connectional Mission Giving Paid from your Church End Year Statement
  • Share a narrative describing ongoing programs of mission education at your church.
  • Share a narrative describing how your church has served their local community and the world through outreach.  Tell the story of your involvement.
  • Provide documentation showing your contribution to a conference, national or UMCOR Advance Special.
  • Provide documentation showing that you have made a financial contribution of any size to a United Methodist missionary or a church-to-church partnership through the United Methodist Church.



If you have any questions, regarding the Five Star Award Program, please contact Rev. Dawne Phillips, CTC Director of Missions, at If you have questions or issues with submitting your information, please contact Sheryl Crumrine, CTC Mission Support Assistant, at or call 817.877.5222.