Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can go?


  • Jr. High Living Center (July Only) - youth completed grades 6-8 in Spring 2018
  • Sr. High Living Center (June Only) - youth completed grades 8-12 in Spring 2018
  • Combo Jr./Sr. High Living Center (June and July) - youth completed grades 6-12 in Spring 2018


For CTCYM trips, adults are defined as 18 and over and one calendar year past high school graduation for Jr. High Trips, and 21 and over for Sr. High Trip and Combinations Trips.  All adults must complete the 5 Stepsof MinistrySafe through their local church. Two weeks prior to the trip, your church must submit the MinistrySafe Compliance for Conference Sponsored Events to the CTCYM office.

Young Adults, ages 18-20, are not eligible to attend CTCYM Combination or Senior High trips. They may attend CTCYM Junior High trips. If your church is not participating in a Junior High trip, the young adult(s) are encouraged to contact the CTCYM office and request to be connected with a CTCYM Junior High Trip. Young Adults are invited to contact Claire Condrey at the Conference Service Center to learn about mission opportunities for Young Adults. 817-877-5222


For all trips, two adults are required for every five youth participating, to comply with the conference Abuse Prevention Policy, MinistrySafe.


How do we register?

Group Registration

First, as the Group Leader, you must register your group. Group Registration opens October 6, and closes December 31, 2017. Late registration (additional $50 per trip late fee) will be available only until midnight January 5, 2018. Click on the Group Registration button on the CTCYM Home page,, or, download the registration form from the For Group Leaders page.

Individual Registration

CTCYM provides online registration for individual participants. They will register and pay through the CTCYM web site: You will be notified on a weekly basis as youth and adults from your church register. Once you have registered your group, you will receive detailed instructions for individuals to register online.  Individual Registration opens on January 5, 2018. Click on the Individual Registration button on the CTCYM Home page.   Group Leaders should register themselves as soon as possible so their contact information is in the database. Stress to your group the importance of registering early to qualify for a discounted rate.


What is the cost?

June Trip
Group Fee: $100 postmarked by Dec 31, 2017; $150 postmarked after Dec. 31, 2017. Late Group Registration closes Jan 5, 2018
Per Person Fees:
Early Bird: $235 with $100 non-refundable deposit by Mar 9, 2018
On-Time: $245 with full payment by Apr 6, 2018
Late: $260 with full payment after Apr 6, 2018
Registration closes May 11, 2018. No registrations, cancelations, or refund requests after this date please. Deposits are non-refundable, but they are transferable.
July Trip
Group Fee: $100 postmarked by Dec. 31, 2017; $150 postmarked after Dec. 31, 2017. Late Group registration closes Jan 5, 2018
Per Person Fees:
Early Bird: $210 with $100 non-refundable deposit by Apr 6, 2018
On-Time: $220 with full payment by May 11, 2018
Late: $235 with full payment after May 11, 2018
Registration closes June 8, 2018. No registrations, cancelations, or refund requests after this date please. Deposits are non-refundable, but they are transferable.

Please note: paying $100 deposit for unregistered individuals will not "lock in" the Early Bird Rate.  Fees are based on when the individual actually completes their online registration. Participants must be paid in full before their mission trip.


What will we do?

   CTCYM primarily focuses on repairing and rebuilding homes and small facilities weathered by age, poverty or natural disaster, however, other projects will be undertaken as well, including working in food pantries or clothing distribution centers, assisting in nursing homes or childcare centers, or clearing brush and doing other yard work. Worksite coordinators & CTCYM contact local community agencies and church organizations to identify people in need.  These people become CTCYM Clients when we match their needs with our abilities.  Clients include home owners, churches, and local service organizations (e.g. daycares).  Teams of approximately seven people will work together to complete the repairs and projects needed that week.



Who will be on the work teams?

Typically, each team includes five youth and two adults. Each team must include at least two adults--therefore you are required to bring two Work Team adults for every five youth. These teams usually consist of a mixture of people from different churches, giving your youth and adults the chance to build relationships with fellow Christians. With the group leader input, teams are created by the Living Center Director. Worksite Coordinators will help supervise the work done by the work teams.


Where do we stay?

Participants will live for the week in a CTCYM Living Center set up in a local church, school or community center. You will learn the location of your Living Center in the Spring before the trip. Lodging will include space for groups to sleep divided by sex, a common dining room, and a place to worship together. Sleeping will usually be on the floor and require a cot or air mattress and bedding. Showers will be available each day; however, they may be at a different location from the Living Center.

Who is in charge?

Each Living Center has its own leadership team consisting of a Center Director, who has primary responsibility for the Center; a Program Coordinator, who plans worship and other activities; a Worksite Coordinator, who supervises and supports the work teams; and Cooks, who plan and prepare the meals. Depending on the size of the Living Center, each of these individuals may also have one or more assistants.


Will training be provided?

Yes! Training will be provided for each position of the Leadership Team, including Group/Youth Leaders.  Training is vital to your success as a leader in fully understanding the various responsibilities of each person and the resources available to you. Please see the Group Leader Training page for dates and locations.

How do we get there?

Each group will provide transportation to and from your mission trip location.
During the trip, the vehicles you bring will be used to transport teams to and from the work sites. Each vehicle must accommodate seven passengers, a set of van tools and individual tools. CTCYM REQUIRES 15-PASSENGER VANS or large SUV's (Suburbans, Excursions, etc.) if vans unavailable. For more details, please see the Van Rental Information page.

What Do We Bring?

Once you have registered, you will receive a complete list of what to bring – for both your group and each individual. In the meantime, plan to bring a first aid kit, a cleaning kit and a set of group tools. Individuals will bring their clothing, bedding, personal items and personal tools. For the detailed list for Individuals, please visit the For Group Leaders page of this website.

How Can I Help?

CTCYM is always looking for good leadership. If you or one of your adult leaders has been on CTCYM at least one time, you may be eligible to serve in a leadership position. Contact Claire Condrey at the CTCYM Office for more information: or 817-877-5222.

Can our group (or individuals from our group) arrive late or leave early?

No. It is important for the entire group to be present from start to finish. The Living Centers have a short time to come together as a group. When individuals or groups arrive late or leave early, it slows this process and creates other obstacles. If you cannot arrive on time or need to leave early, please contact the Director of Youth in Mission for help in finding a more suitable mission opportunity.


To provide a safe experience for the youth, each Living Center abides by the Abuse Prevention Policy established by the Central Texas Conference. All adults  must have completed the 5 Steps of MinistrySafe through their local church at least two weeks prior to the trip, at which time each church will provide a completed MinistrySafe Compliance for Conference Sponsored Events form to the CTCYM office. 

What do our fees cover?

  • Lodging expenses 
  • All meals 
  • Construction materials 
  • Project selection 
  • CTCYM 2018 themed t-shirt
  • Water bottle 
  • Scholarships 
  • Spiritual growth curriculum & worship experience 
  • Closing worship 
  • Daily fun, games, and entertainment



Your Fees do not pay for:

  • Transportation (Please see above for  "How do we get there?" section)
  • Side trips before or after CTCYM


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