CTC Serve 2017 Followup Story

CTC Serve 2017 is in the books!  No report on a one day-of-service can ever capture the whole of mission happening in our Central Texas Conference, but we’re always happy to share the story of a portion of what happens when our churches commit to mission together on a specific day!  We are well aware that mission happens 365 days a year and this day doesn’t scratch the surface of all our missional engagement, but it’s great to have a small snapshot of one day in the life of CTC missions!

On September 10, 2017, we know that 1,036 persons specifically engaged their communities in mission.  This looked like disaster response, ministry with the homeless, food drives that engaged entire communities, back to school events, community multi-church dinners, making cleaning buckets and hygiene kits, educational events about community poverty, packaging of weekend food bags, and meals for refugees and the homeless.  They provided $30,926 in supplies plus prayer shawls, gift bags, meals and over 1200 pounds of fresh vegetables.  Best of all, we know they engaged with the love of Christ!

Mission makes a difference to the world we serve, but it is also a vehicle to our own growth as disciples.  Volunteers shared that seeing first-hand the lives of some of their neighbors, talking and praying with their neighbors, and witnessing the generosity of the church was life-changing.  The experiences opened the eyes of our members to needs in their communities and persons with whom they could build relationships and offer Christ.  They were emboldened to pray with their neighbors, share their own faith story and continue to know and serve their neighbors as they join our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.     

Go Church!